“What I Told A Friend who was on the sick bed that made him jerk back to life” – Pastor Paul Eneche Reveals


Founder of Dunamis International gospel center pastor Paul Enenche while preaching to his congregation revealed what he told his sick friend that made him jerk back to life.

He said,

One other time, a precious friend of mine was on the bed and the enemy was giving him deadline. Everything pointed to the spirit of death until he was like Let me just give up.

I stayed by that hospital side and I said to him, It is not easy for somebody else to take care of another person’s children.

What? That is, Don’t try to leave your children for another person to take care of no matter how bad it is.

It’s not easy for another person to take care of somebody else’s children. They may love you, they may feel for you, but your children are your children, your father is your father. That thing fired an arrow into his spirit like fire! He jerked up and said, I am not dying! My children, precious children, who am I leaving them for?

Death reversed! Terminal diagnosis reversed! Alive yesterday, today, till tomorrow. You will fulfill your days! I said You will fulfill your days!

The devil is not a determinant of your life! you facing? There you will end.