Vote Wisely: Woe to you, When your President is like a child – Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the senior pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries, has said that he is well-connected to suffer in the same way  Nigerians in general are suffering as a result of the poor leadership in the nation.

The Pastor said that if Nigerians elect the wrong leaders to power in 2023, the value of one naira will may increase to N5,000 to one dollar.

He urged his congregation to exercise intelligent judgment when casting their ballots in the general elections of 2023, but he cautioned them against concentrating on political parties because doing so would merely be a ticket to worse hardship in Nigeria.

It says woe to you if you vote for people who have nothing in their head. If you vote for parties this time Nigerians, we Pastors will fold our hands and be watching you.

That means any leader who will be using diapers is dangerous. The Bible says woe to you oh land when your king is a child. It is the Bible, I’m not the one who said it. Ecclesiastes 10:16.